CLC Editors' Selection #1
CLC Editors' Selection #1

CLC Editors' Selection #1

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CLC Editors' Selection #1: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (English | Chinese). Includes:
  • Regulating Artificial Intelligence (English | Chinese) by Eli-Shaoul Khedouri (CLC Issue 4 (English | Chinese))
  • Artificial Intelligence and Courts in China (English | Chinese) by Jodie Ma, Kexin Yang, & Yuan Emily Cao (CLC Issue 4 (English | Chinese))
  • China’s Procuratorates: Application of Big Data & Artificial Intelligence and Related Opportunities & Challenges (English | Chinese) by Chenchen Zhang (CLC Issue 5 (English | Chinese)
  • The Four Major Judicial Innovations of China’s Guangzhou Internet Court (English | Chinese) by Dr. GUO Wenli (CLC Issue 6 (English | Chinese))

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